Sunday, 5 February 2012

Strictly pwnd

"Joe from Iowa sent in this pic", says Mark/abba, of StrictlyComeFlexing [old blog deleted - new one here]. If "Joe" looks familiar, he should - that's bodybuilder Tyler Southwick, around 2006.

Tyler still looks awesome, so we wonder why he'd send SCF a 6-year-old photo, when all he need do is show them his channel.

Either someone is playing a mean trick on SCF, or SCF is trying to play a trick on us.

Update: SCF owner Mark later claimed some guy had tricked him (but kept the original post up!) Well, maybe. But that photo of Tyler has been circulating the net for six years. Just saying.

Update 2: If you think Mark's "Joe from Iowa" prank is lame, wait till you read about "Adam in New York"

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