Monday, 26 November 2012

Tips & tricks :D

I got some requests for advice on running a channel or blog, and especially how to get contributions from new guys. Basically, you want to feature them to build your channel/blog. So obviously they have to get something out of the deal, too.

The most important thing, of course, is to treat people with respect, and not act like they owe you a favor. After all, they'll get some new fans (if you do your job properly), but so will your channel. And they are the ones creating the content - not you.

So here are a few tips:

Don't send more messages than a guy has time to read while still leading a normal life. You may have nothing else to do, but he has a job/studies, workouts, boy/girlfriend and stuff.

If he takes a shower and finds five new messages from you when he comes out, he might get pissed about that :/

If your messages make up 50% of his inbox, and you still don't get an "exclusive" clip, maybe that's his way of saying DO NOT WANT!

Don't promise subscribers umpteen new uploads before guys have time to make them. The guys feel pressured, and you have to keep inventing excuses for not delivering.

If you must make an excuse, say something believable. "He wants to look his best" or "He's picking something hot to wear", when he already looks great and has just uploaded a new clip on his own channel, isn't all that convincing :/

Nor is saying you've no time to upload coz your long lost relatives dumped themselves on you, then updating your blog repeatedly anyway.

Oh, and you might want to tone down your 'praise' a bit. Everyone likes compliments, but some people aren't impressed by gushing flattery. And it only makes you look meaner when you throw a fit at them later for some imagined offense.

It also makes you sound like a creepy perv :/

If you lay down rules for the guys on your channel/blog, try following the same rules yourself. Otherwise you're guilty of "hypocrasy" :)

And tailor your rules for grown ups, rather than big crybabies. "This is my video and I won't share!" or "Repost and alter my content and I'll ban your ass!" doesn't go down well on the internet :/

For more tips & tricks, keep following this blog!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oh, chease...


Stritcly Cum Flexing rips off Tom Daley footage to feed ghey massage fantasy, complete with slomo action and pr0n musak - and breaks Markabba's no-under-18s rule :/

The original (attributed to source) sans sleazy :D

Kittehz iz not responsible fur tihs image!
Tom DO NOT WANT Tom-pr0n. SRSLY :(

Tom Daley Cat by Dosdiosas

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Seven Commandments

Here are the seven eight rules handed down by Strictly Come Flexing pwner Markabba. As they're written in Abba-speak, we've given a rough translation afterward :D

Seven points that sum up Strictly
1. We are an unashamedly homoerotic blog.
2. The non celebrity guys featured are fully aware of the nature of the blog and it's audience and are not,misled,tricked,flattered or cohersed [sic] into providing clips.
3. Posts are discussed with the guys beforehand and altered if there is anything they are unhappy with or if there is any additional info they would like posted.
3. The blog will always be of a raunchier nature than the Youtube channel,due to their rules.
4. We will not feature guys who are in any way homophobic or hypocritical.By hypocritical we mean guys who are happy to take money from a gay audience,get hundreds of gay subs/veiwers but then make homophobic comments.Those who appreciate and welcome their audience are always welcome here.
5. Any flexer altering posts or replicating and misrepresenting the blog without my knowledge will be removed.No exceptions.
6. We are in no way in competition with any other channel/blog.
7. We feature exclusive clips on our channel to promote the guys own individual channels where embedded clips from them are available.Our clips will remain exclusive,either for good or for a limited period.It's how we choose to do things.
Our translation of Mark's rules, based on how he really operates . . .

Seven points and another point that sum up Stritcly
1. I post pics of nude male celebs. I coax non-celeb guys to strip off, too - but most of them DO NOT WANT.
2. I tell non-celeb guys i'm an former model scout to impress them, letting them down gently to the fact that I run a ghey pr0n blog, which is why most of them disappear fast.
3. I post first, and deal with the fallout later. If i post copyright or inappropriate stuff, it's the fault of the guys or whoever informs them their photos/info were misued - not mine!
3. (again) YouTube DO NOT WANT pr0n - i DO WANT!
4. Homophobia and "hypocrasy" is not allowed. Except for me!
5. Any flexer who copies and improves on my posts will be banished from Stritcly forever and without discussion, despite the fact they gave me the content free in the first place.
6. I've been desperately trying to best FlexingLads for a whole year, but keep FAILING because i piss off all concerned, go into meltdown, delete my channels and blogs - then start all over again.
7. Most Stritcly clips are copies or compilations, a few are unique to Stritcly. I do'nt allow them to be embedded, and think that makes them "exclusive", because i do'nt understand teh interwebz.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Strictly DO NOT WANT pr0n, srsly!

Like we reported last time, StrictlyComeFlexing pwner Markabba DO NOT WANT porn - not once, but four times! Stritcly haz pr0n insted!

Mark wasn't so prudish back in the day. As he says on his blog, when he worked as assistant Prowler at a ghey secks shop in Soho, London, Mark "got involved in scouting for models". Apart from some fashion and cover work, "the shoots would usually be to promote some risqué video release".

That's Markabba-speak for "We scouted guys for porn shoots...", as he clarified in the fanmail he sent us (red highlights) :D

Saturday, 17 November 2012

i can haz pr0n?

As fans of StrictlyComeFlexing know, owner Markabba has said no less than four five times that Strictly blog DO NOT WANT porn.

To be fair, those aren't Mark's exact words. What he actually said was: "i don't want to veer into porn" - "no porn [rule] stays!" - "We won't be veering into porn" - "We stop short of porn" - "There will be no porn".

So maybe we misunderstood him or something, coz the other day we found this on his blog :/ And, yeah, it's kinda soft as in sogging wet, but it does fit the definition :)

But as Pablo Francisco said: The reason they call it soft porn is coz it doesn't get you hard! So maybe that's why Mark thinks it doesn't count LOL.

Or wait, maybe it's not porn. Maybe it's pr0n.

In which case, Markabba hasn't contradicted himself at all :D

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"i'm on ur Facebooks..."

"...stalking ur posts!" Markabba

Today on Strictly - Again: "Some of you have asked if i'm on Facebook.No guys i'm not.Why? I hate it with a passion i'm afraid.I realise i'm in a minority but it's a pet hate of mine.Don't start me on it!!! lol"

November 10 in an email: "I briefly joined Facebook and saw your attempts at getting involved on people's walls.You just come accross as a desperate saddo.Talking any old shite to be matey with someone."

The first quote is from Mark of Strictly Come Flexing, the second is from... Mark of Strictly Come Flexing.


Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

Harvey Fierstein

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strictly Tory

Thatcher's 'achievements'
Started the Falklands war, causing 907 deaths
Sank the Belgrano, killing 323 young Argentinian men

Wrecked the lives of millions by destroying their jobs
Caused record unemployment for modern times
Destroyed British coal mining
Destroyed the British steel industry
Gutted British manufacturing

Cut taxes on the rich, increased VAT, hitting the poor most
Slashed social security benefits
Criminalized effective trade union action
Used police as a political force to terrorize striking workers

Let Irish political prisoners hunger strike to death, refusing them them political status
Backed South African apartheid - called Nelson Mandela a "terrorist"
Escalated the nuclear arms race by allowing USA to station missiles in UK

Excluded women from the cabinet
Criminalized discussion of gay sex in education
. . . the list goes on!

Mark Anderson on Thatcher
"Person I most admire"

Twenty reasons why I hate Thatcher
by Neil Harding

Thatcher's racist daughter Carol - impersonating Jimmy Savile D:

The BBC sacked Carol Thatcher for describing French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as "that froggy golliwog guy". No wonder Tories hate the BBC. No wonder most people hate Tories.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

So while we're on the topic . . .

I can haz fan mail?

Three comment I'll make about this message for now (see highlighted text in Mark's mail):
  • Mark knows that I know "Adam in NYC" is an invented supporter of his, yet maintains the pretense he's real §)
  • Mark's idea that I "claim to have changed" is also invented. Of course I like some guys sexually - I'm gay. Why does that mean my interest is sports is a "sham"?
  • Mark has always claimed to hate Facebook and denied being on it. His comments below show he's a liar, and that he stalks people there - watch out!
There are other obvious lies in Mark's mail, such as his denial he "chopped and change his mind" about others he libeled on his blogs and on YouTube. If you want proof of that, here's one example - and here's another.

Mark Anderson
Nov 10, 13:13


Where do i start.First,yes,i have created this new email,just to contact you because i am sure you have blocked my others.It's not some sneaky secret identity!!! Please feel free to block this address too when you have read this because what i say here is all i have to say or will say.Any of your long winded replies won't be responded to.

Let's get one thing straight.I do not need to pretend to be anyone else to defend my blog,my views on you etc.I know you have been in communication with my friend Adam and i know you have accused him of being a fake.He is not.I have told him that i am extremely unhappy about him getting involved in a fight that i consider over.I don't want a fight.I am tired of it.I would certainly not cause myself more stress by posing as someone else.I do realise your opinion of me is extremely low but you are wrong on this.In fact i think you owe Adam an apology.

Ok,here's the way i see things.I cannot stand you and i cannot stand what you stand for.I do not believe for one mili-second  that you have changed as you claim.I do think Flexinglads is a sham,i do think you are just as into young bodybuilders on a sexual level as i am and i do think the whole pretending to take an interest in the sport is a sham.No matter what you say or how you try to explain things,i will never believe you.I see right through you.However,i will no longer be saying any of that publicly on my blog.

You don't like my blog or how i run it.You don't like how i communicate with the guys,you don't like how i don't embed vidoes,you don't like that i have exclusives,you don't like anything i do.So fucking what! I really don't care.How i communicate with these guys is my business.It is not underhand and is far more transparent than the "i'm your mate" act that you put on.I briefly joined Facebook and saw your attempts at getting involved on people's walls.You just come accross as a desperate saddo.Talking any old shite to be matey with someone.

Let's clear one thing up.I do not look at Flexinglads.I honestly don't.I don't know if you are still doing that STFlexu you thing either.I don't want to know which is why i get annoyed when people tell me stuff...including with Adam.You know why i don't look at it? It's because you almost drove me to a nervous breakdown.Seriously.The constant jibes,disecting of every post i put up,sarcastic comments,making fun,really took it's toll.The only way i can now deal with that is to ignore what you do or try to.

As for chopping and changing my mind about Martin and Brian.I have'nt about Brian,Martin,yes,i listened to tittle tattle and believed it but now i realise Martin does not pretend to be something he is not.He enjoys photographing sexy lads,he loves his naughty camera angles etc and does not hide it.I was wrong about him.He is never going to forgive me i'm sure but i am man enough to admit i was wrong on that.That won't be happening with you 2 guys! You have both libelled me as much as you say i have you.You probably have stuff in black and white to make your points but so do i,plenty!

Adam has just messaged with your latest little dig,the model scout thing! I was a model scout for Millevres Prowler.We scouted guys for porn shoots but also fashion/underwear shoots.A lot of the shoots took place in the basement of our Kings Cross shop which was formerly a Turkish bathouse.I did that for 5 years alongside my main job in the shop.Kings Cross only lasted 2 years but the shoots were then done on location.I found two of the guys we used on a London Eye shoot we did (it was on the cover of Gay Times).Oneof the models,Kevin,i am still friendly with.I thought i told you all this when we met up in London.So,when i tell guys about the scouting,it is true.I don't make out i still have a lot of contacts etc or can get them work.I openly tell them that i have lost touch with some of those guys or they have now left Prowler etc.I am still in contact with one photographer and have pointed a couple of guys his way.I am totally upfront about the model scouting and that i have experience in spotting photogenic guys because i do.There is no deciept there at all.

I have no intention of attacking you on my new blog.None whatsoever.I am worn out with it.We will never like each other or agree so why can't you leave it.If you are still doing that STFlexu you thing,you won't get ammunition from me.You can continue to attack or poke fun at my blog of course but soon people will realise it is one sided because i won't be responding,i won't even be looking.

Just in case you are still unclear.I 100% believe you are a huge hypocrite and no amount of cleverly worded explaining will ever change my mind on that.Your transformation beggars belief.You will no doubt not change your mind either,that i'm a creepy guy who preys on young guys,hounding them into doing clips.I have accepted that those views won't change.You no doubt believe you are not what i say and equally i feel the same about what you portray me as.If this continues we will just be going round in circles.

I don't want to ressolve it, as in any kind of making up.I can't stand you,i want nothing to do with you and you have made my life hell.What i do want to do is get on with running my blog in my way.I won't be interfering with Flexinglads so stop interfering with mine.I am moving on,whether you do or not.Oh and cut the conspiracy theories.I do actually have friends,hard as it is for you to believe! I don't need to hide behind anyone or pretend to be from America or anywhere else to say what i think!!!


Monday, 5 November 2012

Revenge of the FireCat

Would make a good movie, I think - the Hammer Horror kind!

Reaping vengeance for the vile custom of cat burning, practised in pre-revolutionary France. Who would they attack though? The descendants of the cat burners, modern cat abusers, or random humans?