Monday, 10 September 2012

*That* video! (again)

I'm against posting private messages - unless they are abusive, and you want to expose the abuser. But Mark/abba has begun posting our PM exchange on his new TBF blog.

He said earlier on my G+ he plans to start with a chat we had following a video upload to what was then our joint FlexingLads channel. That contradicts his earlier plan - to post the chats chronologically - but that's Mark for you :/

So I decided to post that conversation here. It shows, contrary to his claim that I "took a very long time persuading him" (see my G+),  it took just ten minutes for Mark to say "ok, leave it and see what happens"! (see chat from 0:27 - 0:37)

It's also clear that Mark had no objections to the video. In fact the calls it "hot", but was afraid it would cause two of his contacts to think he was "steering them towards porn"!

It's important to remember, too, that Mark had the password to FL channel, and could have deleted the video himself if he'd chosen to.

Here's the chat, see for yourself. I've redacted other people's names, even though they were only first names. I hope Mark does the same in his version.
December 7 2011
23:55:46 Mark: I believe you have a vid to upload mister. lol
23:57:59 Kit: great
23:58:44 Kit: it's not the best hour, but will do it now i think, cos in usa its only 6ish pm
23:58:58 Mark: leanteen! then when you get chance tell me how to upload
23:59:27 Kit: ok
23:59:52 Kit: are you logged in to youtube?

December 8 2011

0:00:57 Mark: yea,i think i can upload it's putting the guys links in etc i'm unsure of. we have to see how long clip is in case needs editing too
0:01:12 Kit: yes
0:01:23 Kit: just got sub from a fit guy
0:01:33 Mark: oooh, will look
0:03:28 Mark: mmmm very nice
0:07:24 Kit: have you downloded leanteen's?
0:07:54 Kit: its incredible
0:08:47 Kit: its guaranteed to get loads of hits, & subs, some risk of deletion, but even if it is, it won't close the channel & i think we have to go for it
0:12:20 Mark: ok,no not seen. long as it don't put our other models off or to sham[e]. lol
0:12:55 Kit: its one feature that is eye catching ;)
0:13:41 Mark: it's gone off megaupload now. have to wait like everyone else
0:14:43 Kit: god that was quick, it's worth it, sorry to tease, just about to upload, getting the links ready as it's best to paste them into the upload box otherwise it can finish uploading before details are in
0:14:59 Mark: ok no worries
0:22:03 Kit: just a few mins
0:22:28 Kit: one thing to think about is the tags we can put on videos
0:22:58 Kit: upload complete, processing
0:23:27 Mark: k, i have thanked him in comments eventhough not seen it. will let you mail him as he was your find. lol
0:23:40 Kit: lol
0:27:11 Mark: ok, that is hot BUT i think should edit the red shorts bit out. i reckon that will deffo put J** and A** off. When he is in his undies we can get away with him just being big but in those shorts it's an obvious hard on. soz to be a killjoy
0:27:55 Mark: on the site yeah but not on here
0:28:28 Kit: its more obvious in his briefs. he touches himself
0:29:20 Mark: yeah but it's pointing down. i think it will get banned myself and even worse put some of our lads off
0:31:38 Kit: i dont think it will be banned, but even if it were, if it got subs first, it would be overall a plus. why will it put people off?
0:32:43 Mark: If J** was about to send us a vid and he saw that or A** with his boxers vid i think they'd change mind straight away
0:33:40 Kit: if that is so, how are they going to react when we have things like that on the site?
0:34:14 Mark: i thought that stuff was going to be seperate downloads
0:34:48 Kit: nude yes
0:36:21 Kit: the problem with toning things to not upset anyone, is that your end up with blandness. surely they cannot be so prudish? and what about taking risks?
0:37:37 Mark: ok, leave it and see what happens, i think hard ons on YT is a no no myself. If i'm wrong i'll hold hands up but if we just want S**** and the like on board why we messaging these other young lads?
0:38:56 Mark: i personally find that vid a massive turn on but i reckon we will lose J** and A** over it
0:39:17 Kit: we want them all, i don't mean [to] exclude them, but if we tone things [down] out of fear of losing them, we can end up appealing to no one. i've seen vids on yt with guys massaging their hard ons in wet briefs.
0:39:50 Kit: (not that im suggesting we have that!)
0:43:21 Mark: i'm really confused now. can't we compromise and edit the shorts bit out? we will still be risking it with the undies but could get away with him just having a very big cock when soft. i personally don't want to put any potential models off. the editing could be explained by saying we just want 1 min clips
0:44:13 Kit: problem is he speaks at the start, introducing himself
0:45:02 Mark: ok, well it's done now. i just hope i'm wrong about J** and A**
0:45:38 Kit: also, he's obviously gone all out to promo his channel, which after all is what we are offering these guys.
0:46:11 Kit: in return we get a free video, without which our channel is just us :)
0:46:48 Mark: yeah i agree but where do we draw line. he could introduce himself and say "watch me jack off on my site" would we use it then?
0:47:05 Kit: no
0:47:24 Mark: so, how is a massive hard on ok?
0:48:08 Kit: hard ons are spontaneous, wanking is deliberate
0:49:42 Mark: ok, well that one is not spontaneous for sure. i love the vid, i just don't want to lose lads who may start off [a] bit more timid but grow in confidence
0:52:57 Kit: so long as we are not pressuring them i think they will be ok.
0:53:05 Mark: have no doubt whatsoever it will beat the other vids hands down in views but ppl will then expect the site to be the same and be dissapointed by our guys who just flex
0:53:21 Kit: we should stress that each guy has his style, and we want them to be different
0:53:33 Mark: ok
0:54:32 Kit: and on the site the members who want more can get it, but as a separate thing as we said. even on mbsl there are normal flexers and ones who get frisky
0:56:27 Mark: on the site yeah, no prob with that whatsoever but am not comfortable with this vid and rather say upfront... however, leave it on and i will have no problem admitting i was wrong if we still get J** on board and don't put A** off
0:57:22 Mark: i think they will think "fuck, i'm not doing that"
0:58:07 Kit: but no one is asking them to
1:00:37 Mark: i know that but we are trying to convey what [our] site is about and they will now think it's about us getting lads to strip and get hard and put off some very hot flexers who could be very hot without it
1:01:52 Mark: it'll prob get tons of views overnight so it's all potential members i suppose
1:05:51 Kit: if the site is about variety, shouldnt the channel reflect that? it's 1/4 [or the] clips, so it doesn't say our whole channel/site is like this one. 3/4 [or the] clips are not like this one.
1:08:02 Mark: k, we leave it up long as you agree that if J** and A** get put off, you message to reassure them. if you can, all is well and no harm done. i've built up good rapport with both and last thing i want is them to think is i'm steering them towards porn
1:09:50 Kit: i'll certainly message them if you get any negative feedback from them. i don't see the video as porn. different people have dfferent views though. the bottom line is no one is steering anyone anywhere.
1:10:54 Mark: those vids are to advertise our site and the guy has a massive hard on. which vid will get the most attention?
1:11:10 Kit: so far, S****'s
1:11:34 Mark: it will be blown out of water by this mark my words
1:12:05 Kit: not necessarily. views are unpredictable
1:13:26 Mark: ok
1:15:13 Mark: gonna head to bed and hope i'm wrong.
1:15:47 Kit: looking again, its not that much bigger than some of J**'s undie shots
1:16:11 Mark: J** does not have a raging hard on
1:17:05 Kit: when we first chatted about him you said you thought he has [a] semi [hard on] in some shots, and it does look like that, or as if he emphasizes his package
1:17:47 Mark: in one pic on his own site. the black and white undies pic
1:19:13 Mark: look, i want to be proved wrong on this so fingers crossed i am
1:19:14 Kit: one thing, we have a video from 4 guys, including leanteen. we don't have one from J**.
1:19:30 Kit: im sure they will be ok about it
1:19:38 Mark: nor J***, nor J***
1:19:54 Kit: yes. the worst that could happen is they suffer male envy
1:20:35 Mark: no, the worst is we lose them. that's why i hope i'm wrong
1:21:06 Kit: i mean size envy, but i dont think they will. str8 blokes enjoy seeing a hard on, so long as you don't force them to admit it
1:21:30 Kit: if they get iffy due to this clip, i will use all my powers to talk them back
1:21:39 Mark: ok
1:22:29 Mark: have to tell them it's just to give overview and their vids are equally as valuable to us
1:22:55 Kit: in fact, if you want, i can send them preemptive messages. explain we have a policy that guys flex to reflect their personality, not our whims
1:23:18 Mark: don't message them tonight
1:23:55 Kit: d[e]ffo not tonight. & that we had an indepth discussion, & decided to allow variety, and hope no one is offended if another flexer has a different style
1:24:20 Mark: see what happens tomoz with A** vid. hope he still does it
1:24:51 Kit: he will ;)
The next time I heard from Mark, it was later that morning in an email saying he'd decided to pull out of FlexingLads. He set up his own channel (SCF) the next day (December 9).

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on building his channel, he used it - and later his SCF blog - to launch a campaign of lies about FL, myself, and others.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Adam in New York

A fan of Mark/abba's old SCF blog has sprung to his defense!

"Adam in New York" sent Mark the following message:
"I am afraid i was addicted to your ongoing feud with Flexinglads.Am i sick saying i found it entertaining? Maybe you will forgive me when i say the guy went way too far with that blog he set up.I often read in disbelief his obsession with you and his attempts to scupper your great channel and blog.I was very dissapointed when you closed Strictly Come Flexing.Especially loved your wit on the blog.You should have stayed strong man.Hope you can sort this out"
Remember that other message Mark got from the States - the one off Joe from Iowa? Except there was no message, only a six year old photo - of bodybuilder Tyler Southwick. Mark even included the photo of "Joe" in a SCF video compilation - until Tyler saw it and Mark deleted it.

Anyone a fan of detective stories? If so, you'll enjoy finding the five clues that point to the real author of this message. Read Mark's original post here - that should help with three of the clues ;)

I may be wrong. If so, all Mark has to do is ask Adam to comment below telling me so. If he enjoyed our feud, I'm sure he won't mind.

Proof STFlexU! was offline

This weekend, Mark/abba launched his new, ultra-sleazy blog - The Truth Behind Flexing.

TBF will publish the PMs he & I exchanged between September and December 2011. As they include sexual comments about men made by me, his aim is to slur my character.

Most of you will wonder what, in 2012, is scandalous - or even interesting - about the fact that a gay man has, and shares, sexual thoughts about other men. Only Mark has the answer to that conundrum.

Mark justifies renewing his hate campaign by claiming this blog - STFlexU! - had stayed online despite our "truce", for which we both agreed not to criticize each other.

Despite Mark never retracting his lies about me, I agreed to that simply to end the feud - and move on.

Here's proof this blog was offline - a stats graph for the last 30 days:

From August 22 - September 7, there were no blog views (except a couple on 8/27 & 9/6, when I checked it via a different account).

September 8, I put the blog back online, as I'd promised I would if the "truce" were broken. Even though Mark threatened - actually blackmailed - me before then, demanding I remove a dead link to the blog, I waited until his new blog was up before restoring this one.

As a result of the publicity generated by Mark's own actions, STFlexU! has gotten as many views in two days as it normally gets in a month.

If Mark doesn't like people reading what's on here - factual accounts of his past and present hate campaigns, and my response to his lies - he has only himself to blame that the blog is back online - and gaining more readers than ever.

I've already said I don't care about Mark publishing our PMs. It just proves no one should ever trust him with any information they don't want shared. And it shows how he projects onto others his own guilt about normal sexual feelings.

For those with the stomach for it, you can find Mark/abba's blog here: - a shorter and more fitting URL than the original :D

And for those who want the "Truth Behind Markabba", just follow this blog - we created a more memorable URL for that too:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mark/abba's promises

Mark, you promised a truce once, and broke it over a dead link.

You then set a deadline of September 15 for me to remove the link. A few hours later, you changed that to September 10. And a short while later you posted a "sneak preview" with a sleazy promise of more "heated" posts to come. Now the deadline is 1pm.

You clearly can't be trusted, and besides that, you've harassed too many others, some young and potentially vulnerable, and you deserve to be exposed.

Sorry, STFlexU! stays online permanently.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Back online...

Three weeks ago, in order to end a dispute and move on, I took STFlexU! blog offline. I did this despite the guy involved - Mark (Abba) Anderson - never retracting the lies he's told about me, starting January and repeated many times, as recently as mid-August.

After a few days peace, Mark began complaining there was still a link to this blog on my YouTube profile, and demanded I remove it. I replied the link was dead, and no one dictates what I have on a profile.

It would have been easy to give in to Mark's demand. But once you allow someone to order you around, there's no end to it. The link stayed.

So Mark's now attempting to blackmail me, threatening to post all the messages we exchanged while on friendly terms. He already tried that. It didn't work the first time, and it won't work now.

Mark started off lying about Flexinglads - claiming I uploaded videos without consent and had porn links on my blog. He never gave proof, because his claims were false.

He's since called me a "pervert" and a "fake", saying I have no real interest in fitness - that my websites are a "ploy to get straight lads to pose"! He hasn't explained how that's supposed to work:/

Mark now plans to 'prove' his point by showing we exchanged messages with links & photos of men and sexual comments about them. What that has to do with Flexinglads he doesn't say. Those were private messages. None of the photos or links were on my FL blog.

Mark's 'argument' seems to boil down to this:
"Kit Newton, who has a channel/blog focused on sport/fitness, is gay and chatted with me about men and sex. Therefore, he must be using his channel/blog to dupe straight guys into making videos for him."
You see the logic there? Me neither.

Millions of people daily make sexual comments on- and offline. On Facebook such comments are often public, under the person's real ID. Is this even an issue?

If it were just about me, it wouldn't matter much. I don't expect anyone to be much bothered about our chat messages. There are new celebrity scandals every week. Who cares what two unknown guys chat about?

Here's the thing though. If Mark is capable of using private messages to enforce his demands, then people need to be aware, and not to trust this guy. Blackmail, if used on a vulnerable person, can have devastating consequences. That's reason enough to stand up to Mark.

On top of that, when you recall Mark posted vicious lies about others, you realize his staggering sense of entitlement - to be allowed to say whatever he likes about you, and if you answer back, to blackmail you into silence.

That's why STFlexU! is back online, and will stay online permanently.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mark/abba's blog launch!

by Mark (Abba) Anderson
"This blog is purely here to put things straight. Published here will be conversations between myself and my YT hater. It's then for you to make up your own minds regarding our feud."