Saturday, 18 August 2012

The posts Markabba doesn't want you to read

On his old StrictlyComeFlexing (SCF) blog, in addition to his lies about FlexingLads (FL) and me, Mark(abba) - aka StrictlyAgain - made two particularly nasty posts about a photographer and a video maker, falsely accusing them respectively of making illegal porn and abusing models.

When called out for this, Mark rapidly deleted the posts, and even made a "peace offer" to the photographer, by referring a new model to him!

These are not wild accusations, they are facts, as shown by the following screen caps.

Although Mark does not name those he accused in these posts, he did identify them to others in private messages. There is therefore a good case to be made that he libeled them, which is a civil offense.

Mark later deleted SCF blog completely, blaming a "troll" (me). In reality, all I did was to respond to Mark's lies about me, and to help expose his slanderous claims about others.

First (April 21), Markabba accuses a photographer of "rub[bing] paint on his models cocks", says I have "a fascination for teens", and that a video maker has lads model for him after getting them drunk. (3rd paragraph)

Two weeks later (May 4), Mark goes much further, claiming the photographer shoots nude photos of 16 year old guys smeared in latex and paint - in other words, he accuses him of making illegal porn. He says I post videos of "teenage guys with erections", and the video maker's channels were closed for posting "inappropriate videos". (1st paragraph)

These latter comments are really innuendos, meant to suggest we post pornographic videos on YouTube, which is untrue. However, the accusation made about the photographer is clearly libelous. Even though our names weren't in this post, by saying "those of you who do know who I mean..." Mark shows that he's named us privately.

Here's the photographer's response to Mark's May 4 post.

Just 3 days (May 7) after making these potentially ruinous allegations, Mark generously decides to call a "truce" with the photographer, "take back some of the things [he] said" - he doesn't say which! - and recommend a model use him for a shoot!!

And here's the thing - the model is 16 years old:/ What does this say about Mark's morality? Either he thinks it's ok to send a 16yo guy to a photographer he believes may abuse him - and declare so publicly; or he shows that his accusation was a malicious lie, which could have had devastating effects on the photographer's life.

There's also the question of Mark's motive. Was he attempting to set the photographer up for further false accusations? Did he want to impress the young model with his photography 'connections', in order to pursuade him to appear on his channel? Or did he consider both possibilities, depending on how events played out?

In either case, Mark attempted to manipulate the 16yo guy for his own ends.

A final mind staggering post (May 8). Mark dismisses the vicious lies he'd told just four days earlier as "just... bitchyness on both our parts" - allocating equal responsibility to the guy he'd accused - and hopes for his respect!!

As for what he says about me & my websites (2nd paragraph), I'll leave readers to judge for themselves.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Mark/abba pwnd on YouTube

When I tell you Mark/abba lied about me & my websites, you don't have to believe me, just read Mark's own contradictory words.

This exchange took place in comments on a another YT channel's video about YT haters.

That wasn't Mark's "last response". He continued on another channel's video thread, completely unrelated, stalking me and spamming the guy's video.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

*That* video!

Some of you will have heard Mark(abba)'s plaint that I uploaded an "inappropriate" video to what was then our joint channel, forcing him to quit. The fact is, after a chat discussion that night, Mark agreed to let the video stay up. He also had the password, and was free at any time to delete the video himself.

In case you're wondering what was so objectionable about it, you can watch the video here and judge for yourself. It was flagged by viewer/s* and deleted by YouTube a day or two after upload - despite the fact that much more provocative clips are allowed, sometimes designated 18+.

*I never accused Mark of flagging the video, but he immediately denied doing so. When something's stolen, and someone you haven't accused cries "It wasn't me!", it makes you think, doesn't it?

Lawyer cat

Monday, 13 August 2012


Legal definitions of blackmail vary, but here's one definition that certainly applies to the following message, received from markabba on my YouTube channel...

For now I'll just stress two points:
  • The "conversations" Mark refers to were no different from millions of exchanges that take place daily - online, in pubs, factories, offices, lockerrooms, etc straight, gay, female or male, people discuss others they're attracted to. Believing this is something shameful or "dirty" is characteristic of early adolescence. The same applies to the "dodgy" links.
  • If Mark threatens me this way, he can do the same to anyone. Any message you send him may be kept and used later to pressure you to comply with his demands. If you email or chat with him, remember that.

Mark/abba libels on

I recently found out that Mark (abba) Anderson has a new YouTube channel - abbamuscle. [Update - Mark deleted the channel Sept 7 - the 4th channel he's deleted in 3 months!]

If that were all, I wouldn't care a toss. I'd even ignore his continued whining how "haters" forced him to close his blog & previous channels.

But that's not all.

Mark is conducting a private message campaign, calling me a "pervert". He's implying I pose as straight to dupe guys into sending me flexing videos, and that I use separate IDs - one to befriend guys, and others to "perv" on them.

Given Mark himself is gay & collects muscle videos, him calling me a "pervert" can only be meant to suggest I do other, sinister - and possibly criminal - things.

There's no way I'm going to let this troll smear my character like that.

I have reasonable grounds to sue Mark for libel. As that's a civil offense, I would have to take legal action, which is costly and - frankly - a waste money.

I also believe in freedom of speech - which of course includes the right to reply when someone slanders you. So I'll be using this blog and other sites to rebuff the lies.

Meanwhile, you can read a summary of markabba's public slurs on me & others, and how STFlexU! blog responds to those attacks here on Facebook. The note refers to his old blog, StrictlyComeFlexing, which he since deleted.