Says the guy who stooped so low as to run a blog just to slag me off.That speaks volumes whatever you choose to call yourself.
Once again interfering in something that does not concern you.You interfered with Tony,saying i called him homophobic,a lie and jumping to wrong conclusion,something you accuse me of,you've tried to turn Anthony against me,never worked,you made someone aware that i'd inadvertently left pics up of them on the blog,leaving them that cheesed off by the bickering between us they left Cut and Shredded website,you've made out i lied when i said i did'nt know who Tyler Southwick was,i did'nt,you've tried to get one up on me with young Matty in a video comment,when i really don't care about competing and you've attempted to cause trouble on here with Morgan and Sean,no matter how you dress it up as a helpful suggestion.I could go on coz there's plenty more.You're not the only one who has people telling you stuff that's been said.I get plenty of messages letting me know exactly what's been said about me.
If you want to link here there and everywhere,you do it.If you want to be the flexers champion,good for you.I choose to run my blog differently.I don't give a damn if you think that's right or wrong.It's the way i do things.
You really want to talk about links????? Seriously? Or have the ones you used to send me conveniently dissapeared?
Stop making out you're a saint,we both know it's not true.Stop causing trouble with guys who flex on Strictly,stop going on Facebook and bringing guys into our disagreements but most of all stop being a hypocrite.You leave me be and you'll get same from me.Keep it up and i'll always hit back.
Apologies Sean,for using this space to reply but i will not stand by while this guy nit picks and disects every post i put on my blog.He is no angel and i stand by all my so called "insinuations" about him
Condesending as ever re: the translation.Everyone understands what you were trying to do,would'nt matter if it was in Swahili