Friday, 16 March 2012

Flex, lies and video clips

Almost two months ago, Mark Anderson (aka markabba of StrictlyComeFlexing) accused FlexingLads of promoting itself on "a few dubious sites" (he never named them), and of "using clips without permission".

I refuted his claim, and have given him plenty of time to retract it. I don't ask for an apology - just the truth.

Not only has Mark refused to withdraw his claims, he's repeated the lies on his blog, as well as in private messages to some of my contacts.

Whenever I respond to his rumor mongering, Mark accuses me of "slagging him off"! You call him out for lying about you and you are the culprit!

Mark even appeals for 'closure', saying "No more silly,re-interpreting of my posts on your blog please.You do your thing and let me do mine.Cheers."

Sorry, until Mark admits he lies about FL, I'll continue to expose him.

For that matter, Mark needs to deal with the fact that anything written on a website is in the public domain, and therefore fair game for comment.

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