Saturday, 17 March 2012

SCF disses bodybuilding star

StrictlyComeFlexing owner Mark Anderson has suddenly turned on bodybuilder Tyler Southwick - a guy he'd previously described as "a great fitness model".

According to SCF blog, "Tyler Who?" is a virtual nobody - "the vast majority" of bodybuilding fans have never heard of him!!

This is Mark's 'explanation' why he was taken in by "Joe from Iowa", who supposedly sent Mark a photo of Tyler, claiming to be him.

Mark implies Tyler is an unknown, so it's understandable he didn't recognize his photo - despite it being widely circulated on the web since 2006.

In reality, Mark was the prankster, not "Joe".

Tyler Who?
Just google me, stupid!

Ok, it was just a poorly judged publicity prank for Mark's SCF channel. Nothing major. But it shows Mark is a liar, and it's not the only example of his lying.

Updates: Mark's Joe from Iowa prank is nothing compared to his elaborate creation: Adam in New York!

Mark deleted his old Strictly blog with the original posts. He recently revived the blog though: StrictlyAgain. Look out from more BS there.

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