Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mark/abba, cyberstalker

Four days, six rants from Mark/abba on SCF blog. In one, Mark slanders a professional photographer and a video maker/website owner, as well as making semi-articulate jibes at me.

All responsible media offer the right of reply to anyone they accuse of bad conduct. But SCF blog doesn't even allow comments on its posts, except by blog members (ie Mark himself).

The great thing about the internet, though: we can comment on our own sites, and any other accessible places.

The photographer posted a "letter to my cyber stalker", replying to what Mark/abba said about him.

Update: Mark's response when people answer his slanders is to pretend he's the victim :

StrictlyComeFlexing posted:
Yet another weekend of views and subs beating last weekend and against an onslaught of criticism.Thanks so much guys

False allegations of misconduct in your profession can seriously affect your income and your life as a whole. Mark expects to be able to make such claims, without the accused persons being able to reply. If they do respond, Mark is the one being wronged!

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