Monday, 30 April 2012

Mark/abba is a Cnut

No, that's not a typo.

Cnut the Great was king of England from 1016-1035, as well as ruling Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden (AbbaLand).

Legend has it Cnut ordered the tide to halt, but got his feet wet when it rose as usual. Some say it was arrogance, but usually the story goes that Cnut knew he couldn't stop the tides. He just wanted to prove flatterers wrong, and show that only God had such powers.*

That happened in the 11th century. 1000 years later, Markabba-Cnut wants to stop people embedding images and videos on their sites - even though most bloggers do it & nearly all YTers allow it.

He bemoans bloggers embedding stuff without asking. Why? Because: "If you've already posted and the guy does'nt like it,isn't it too late? Yes,you can remove it but it could already be embedded around the world and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it."

Wow. Can anyone make sense of that? It's beyond me :/

Mark has a YT channel, so his clips are already visible "around the world". How is it such a disaster if they're on someone's blog, too?

And if someone embeds a video, but the original on YT is removed or made private, it no longer loads on embedded players. Simple.

Besides, anyone can download your videos from YouTube and do whatever they like with them. Copyright applies of course, but depending how they're used, you might have a hard time stopping it. That's one of the hazards of uploading stuff. Disabling video embedding does nothing to prevent it.

But don't try explaining that to Mark. He'll just quote his 7th Commandment, and you'll be none the wiser as to how his mind works.

*Funnily enough, to date, God hasn't halted the tides, either.

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