Monday, 13 August 2012

Mark/abba libels on

I recently found out that Mark (abba) Anderson has a new YouTube channel - abbamuscle. [Update - Mark deleted the channel Sept 7 - the 4th channel he's deleted in 3 months!]

If that were all, I wouldn't care a toss. I'd even ignore his continued whining how "haters" forced him to close his blog & previous channels.

But that's not all.

Mark is conducting a private message campaign, calling me a "pervert". He's implying I pose as straight to dupe guys into sending me flexing videos, and that I use separate IDs - one to befriend guys, and others to "perv" on them.

Given Mark himself is gay & collects muscle videos, him calling me a "pervert" can only be meant to suggest I do other, sinister - and possibly criminal - things.

There's no way I'm going to let this troll smear my character like that.

I have reasonable grounds to sue Mark for libel. As that's a civil offense, I would have to take legal action, which is costly and - frankly - a waste money.

I also believe in freedom of speech - which of course includes the right to reply when someone slanders you. So I'll be using this blog and other sites to rebuff the lies.

Meanwhile, you can read a summary of markabba's public slurs on me & others, and how STFlexU! blog responds to those attacks here on Facebook. The note refers to his old blog, StrictlyComeFlexing, which he since deleted.

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