Sunday, 9 September 2012

Adam in New York

A fan of Mark/abba's old SCF blog has sprung to his defense!

"Adam in New York" sent Mark the following message:
"I am afraid i was addicted to your ongoing feud with Flexinglads.Am i sick saying i found it entertaining? Maybe you will forgive me when i say the guy went way too far with that blog he set up.I often read in disbelief his obsession with you and his attempts to scupper your great channel and blog.I was very dissapointed when you closed Strictly Come Flexing.Especially loved your wit on the blog.You should have stayed strong man.Hope you can sort this out"
Remember that other message Mark got from the States - the one off Joe from Iowa? Except there was no message, only a six year old photo - of bodybuilder Tyler Southwick. Mark even included the photo of "Joe" in a SCF video compilation - until Tyler saw it and Mark deleted it.

Anyone a fan of detective stories? If so, you'll enjoy finding the five clues that point to the real author of this message. Read Mark's original post here - that should help with three of the clues ;)

I may be wrong. If so, all Mark has to do is ask Adam to comment below telling me so. If he enjoyed our feud, I'm sure he won't mind.

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