Sunday, 9 September 2012

Proof STFlexU! was offline

This weekend, Mark/abba launched his new, ultra-sleazy blog - The Truth Behind Flexing.

TBF will publish the PMs he & I exchanged between September and December 2011. As they include sexual comments about men made by me, his aim is to slur my character.

Most of you will wonder what, in 2012, is scandalous - or even interesting - about the fact that a gay man has, and shares, sexual thoughts about other men. Only Mark has the answer to that conundrum.

Mark justifies renewing his hate campaign by claiming this blog - STFlexU! - had stayed online despite our "truce", for which we both agreed not to criticize each other.

Despite Mark never retracting his lies about me, I agreed to that simply to end the feud - and move on.

Here's proof this blog was offline - a stats graph for the last 30 days:

From August 22 - September 7, there were no blog views (except a couple on 8/27 & 9/6, when I checked it via a different account).

September 8, I put the blog back online, as I'd promised I would if the "truce" were broken. Even though Mark threatened - actually blackmailed - me before then, demanding I remove a dead link to the blog, I waited until his new blog was up before restoring this one.

As a result of the publicity generated by Mark's own actions, STFlexU! has gotten as many views in two days as it normally gets in a month.

If Mark doesn't like people reading what's on here - factual accounts of his past and present hate campaigns, and my response to his lies - he has only himself to blame that the blog is back online - and gaining more readers than ever.

I've already said I don't care about Mark publishing our PMs. It just proves no one should ever trust him with any information they don't want shared. And it shows how he projects onto others his own guilt about normal sexual feelings.

For those with the stomach for it, you can find Mark/abba's blog here: - a shorter and more fitting URL than the original :D

And for those who want the "Truth Behind Markabba", just follow this blog - we created a more memorable URL for that too:

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