Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Here we go again (again) :/

Just when you thought it was safe...

Yes, markabba's back - as toesrus1 - with his crusade against my hypocracy [sic].

Here's my response:
I'm not getting into a never ending msg exchange again. As you are attacking me again in public (and no doubt privately, too), and as you thought it was acceptable to post our PMs, that's what I will do with any messages you send me. 
You are totally obsessed with FL. It's nothing to do with you. It was a joint project for a couple of weeks, till you bailed out. And that was almost a year ago. 
Whatever we originally perceived for FL, that was then. I decided long ago I had to choose between a gay-orientated channel/blog and sites that can appeal to anyone. I chose the latter. 
Just because I'm gay, it doesn't mean everything I do is motivated by sex. I don't limit my channel to people I personally fancy. And I don't have sexual conversations with anyone on my channel. I just don't think the two mix. 
That's not hypocrisy, because I don't pretend not to be gay, or not to fancy some guys. I just don't mix that personal stuff with my channel or blog. 
Nor do I pose as a "protector". That's a ridiculous idea of yours, not mine. If I stand up for someone, it's because I don't like them being attacked or harassed. It's not to dupe them into thinking I'm an "uncle" figure - which is another creepy concept you've come up with. 
As for us having sexual conversations about "these guys", that applies to just 3 or 4 people on my channel, because most of the people on there I met after we stopped working together. We certainly never chatted sexually about M. 
If you had moved on last December when you set up SCF, there would never have been a feud, and certainly no blog responding to your crazy claims. SCF would have done well, I think. 
It was different to FL, so in no way a threat, nor was FL a threat to SCF. You turned it into a competition. You went out of your way to get "exclusive" flexers, in order to undermine my channel. You'll deny that, of course, but it's true. 
You attacked FL first, with lies about porn and stolen videos, and despite my ignoring most of your digs, you could never let it go. 
And you still can't, can you? My comments on M's video were nothing to do with you. But you've used them to resurrect the feud. 
It doesn't bother me much. It's an irritation, nothing more. You're the one who gets all worked up about it, so you are only harming yourself. 
Anyway, this is all you're getting msgwise. 
Like I said, any more msgs I'll post straight to the blog. I hadn't posted since you stopped last time (Sept 10). The views have trailed off, as always. So if they pick up again because of a new post, it's due to your inability to stop stalking and slurring me. 
No doubt, this won't be the end :/

Update: Here's Mark's reaction.

As he insists on his version of what I am and what FL is, further response is clearly pointless. It reminds me of 1984 where O'Brien tells Winston Smith:
The command of the old despotism was Thou Shalt Not. The command of the totalitarians was Thou Shalt. Our command is Thou Art.
Update 2: toesrus1 is now closed. I guess it was one of many sockpuppets Markabba uses for various purposes. I'm sure he'll resurface on some other channel. <YAWN>

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