Friday, 19 October 2012


Unsolicited and meaningless message just received from Mark/abba on YouTube...
Stomach churning hypocracy [sic]
I suggest you tell your fellow hypocrite Brian [redacted] to button it and not leave shitty comments on my uploads.My opinion and assesment of you,him and Martin [redacted] as being middle aged pervs pretending to be something else will NEVER change.My new blog is unashamedly sexy and will get sexier.You can carry on with your facades but just leave me alone....bit of material there for your vindictive,totaly hypocritical blog
Sent to: flexinglads
I was unable to reply, because Mark aka StrictlyAgain had already blocked me. Pretty immature. Here's the reply I tried to send:
What's this all about? Why are you bringing this up again? You say on your blog you'd put this behind you. You're middle aged, so what if I am, too? I don't see why I'm a perv. I like men, as do you. Again, so what? How do I pretend to be something I'm not? Everyone knows I'm gay. The guys I'm in contact with on my channel & facebook know. I think my blog is sexy, too. It doesn't emphasize sex as yours does, but it doesn't hide it. I chose to give it a wider appeal. That's not hypocrisy.
Of course, there will never be a meaningful answer from Mark to simple questions like that.

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