Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Ok, we kept you waiting long enough - our October surprise is . . .

Adam Keltz and Mark Anderson are one and the same!

Yes, the guy Mark cited as a supporter against my "attacks" is a complete fiction. Just think about that.

At the time, Mark was attempting to intimidate me into not defending myself and others from his slurs - which is the purpose of this blog - by threatening to publish some old private messages we'd exchanged.

This was supposed to embarrass me into deleting this blog. It didn't.

In the end, Mark realized he would simply make himself look both a clown and a completely untrustworthy person, and abandoned the idea.

As Mark got no support whatever - at least none he published - from any real supporters, he created Adam Keltz to justify the stance he'd taken. I said at the time Adam was almost certainly fake, and hinted at why I thought that.

What most people don't know, however, is that shortly after I implied Mark's defender was fictional, Adam emailed me from New York! And I admit, I was convinced - for about 5 minutes.

Why was I suspicious? Mainly because several points of Adam's writing style were identical to Mark's. That sounds trivial, but such trivia can add up to a strong indication that two different texts are written by the same person.

Still, it could have been coincidence, and isn't sufficient grounds for saying Adam is really Mark attempting to troll me.

But a few more emails from Adam supplied enough contradictions to show he was making stuff up - so at the very least he was a friend of Mark's masquerading as a US-based fan of his blog; and far more likely, Adam and Mark were one and the same.

Why didn't I just ignore this obvious trolling? Because, when you've been plagued by a guy for 9 months, with attempts to slur and manipulate you and others, you want to expose them. So I thought I'd give Mark some more rope, so to speak.

What's the evidence, then? I won't bore you with stylistic points, I'll get straight on to some flat out contradictions and lies in Adam's messages.

For starters, the emails "from New York" were all sent from UK IP addresses. And when Sandy struck New York, Adam emailed me from his "parents in Boston" - who also have a UK IP - in fact, the same one Adam has in New York!

But maybe the IP check was wrong, or the mails were routed funny - the internet can be a confusing place - so lets look at something more concrete.

Here's some of the detail Adam supplied, presumably to create an authentic sounding persona:
My name is Adam Keltz,a  31 year old South African guy living happily in New York with my partner Tim.We live in Upper Manhattan (West 79th St) and i assure you we are both very real. (Sept 11, 18:32)
There are a few good muscle channels on is also a very good site.Some of the guys on there did a charity night here in June in a bar called Lips which is just a block from here. (Sept 11, 20:30)

Factcheck 1: Lips is on East 56th St - 3km south of West 79th St, the other side of Central Park . . .

"A" marks the location of Lips

Factcheck 2: No muscle guy charity night took place at Lips . . .

Oops :/

There's more, but I'll leave it there for now. Mark - or Adam - is free to prove me wrong, first by explaining these fact check fails, and even better with some positive proof Adam exists. He's shown no photos nor given any social website addresses. He has offered to meet up - in New York City :D

Will this exposure stop Mark's attempts to deceive and manipulate? Not likely, imo.

He'll either ignore it, or post another vague reference to "haters" attacking him, or he'll say this post is evidence I'm suspicious and paranoid.

No, I just prefer facts to fantasy.

And given Mark's libelous attacks and slurs, it's important that people see for themselves to what degree they should trust his word.

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