Saturday, 17 November 2012

i can haz pr0n?

As fans of StrictlyComeFlexing know, owner Markabba has said no less than four five times that Strictly blog DO NOT WANT porn.

To be fair, those aren't Mark's exact words. What he actually said was: "i don't want to veer into porn" - "no porn [rule] stays!" - "We won't be veering into porn" - "We stop short of porn" - "There will be no porn".

So maybe we misunderstood him or something, coz the other day we found this on his blog :/ And, yeah, it's kinda soft as in sogging wet, but it does fit the definition :)

But as Pablo Francisco said: The reason they call it soft porn is coz it doesn't get you hard! So maybe that's why Mark thinks it doesn't count LOL.

Or wait, maybe it's not porn. Maybe it's pr0n.

In which case, Markabba hasn't contradicted himself at all :D

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