Monday, 26 November 2012

Tips & tricks :D

I got some requests for advice on running a channel or blog, and especially how to get contributions from new guys. Basically, you want to feature them to build your channel/blog. So obviously they have to get something out of the deal, too.

The most important thing, of course, is to treat people with respect, and not act like they owe you a favor. After all, they'll get some new fans (if you do your job properly), but so will your channel. And they are the ones creating the content - not you.

So here are a few tips:

Don't send more messages than a guy has time to read while still leading a normal life. You may have nothing else to do, but he has a job/studies, workouts, boy/girlfriend and stuff.

If he takes a shower and finds five new messages from you when he comes out, he might get pissed about that :/

If your messages make up 50% of his inbox, and you still don't get an "exclusive" clip, maybe that's his way of saying DO NOT WANT!

Don't promise subscribers umpteen new uploads before guys have time to make them. The guys feel pressured, and you have to keep inventing excuses for not delivering.

If you must make an excuse, say something believable. "He wants to look his best" or "He's picking something hot to wear", when he already looks great and has just uploaded a new clip on his own channel, isn't all that convincing :/

Nor is saying you've no time to upload coz your long lost relatives dumped themselves on you, then updating your blog repeatedly anyway.

Oh, and you might want to tone down your 'praise' a bit. Everyone likes compliments, but some people aren't impressed by gushing flattery. And it only makes you look meaner when you throw a fit at them later for some imagined offense.

It also makes you sound like a creepy perv :/

If you lay down rules for the guys on your channel/blog, try following the same rules yourself. Otherwise you're guilty of "hypocrasy" :)

And tailor your rules for grown ups, rather than big crybabies. "This is my video and I won't share!" or "Repost and alter my content and I'll ban your ass!" doesn't go down well on the internet :/

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