Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Seven Commandments

Here are the seven eight rules handed down by Strictly Come Flexing pwner Markabba. As they're written in Abba-speak, we've given a rough translation afterward :D

Seven points that sum up Strictly
1. We are an unashamedly homoerotic blog.
2. The non celebrity guys featured are fully aware of the nature of the blog and it's audience and are not,misled,tricked,flattered or cohersed [sic] into providing clips.
3. Posts are discussed with the guys beforehand and altered if there is anything they are unhappy with or if there is any additional info they would like posted.
3. The blog will always be of a raunchier nature than the Youtube channel,due to their rules.
4. We will not feature guys who are in any way homophobic or hypocritical.By hypocritical we mean guys who are happy to take money from a gay audience,get hundreds of gay subs/veiwers but then make homophobic comments.Those who appreciate and welcome their audience are always welcome here.
5. Any flexer altering posts or replicating and misrepresenting the blog without my knowledge will be removed.No exceptions.
6. We are in no way in competition with any other channel/blog.
7. We feature exclusive clips on our channel to promote the guys own individual channels where embedded clips from them are available.Our clips will remain exclusive,either for good or for a limited period.It's how we choose to do things.
Our translation of Mark's rules, based on how he really operates . . .

Seven points and another point that sum up Stritcly
1. I post pics of nude male celebs. I coax non-celeb guys to strip off, too - but most of them DO NOT WANT.
2. I tell non-celeb guys i'm an former model scout to impress them, letting them down gently to the fact that I run a ghey pr0n blog, which is why most of them disappear fast.
3. I post first, and deal with the fallout later. If i post copyright or inappropriate stuff, it's the fault of the guys or whoever informs them their photos/info were misued - not mine!
3. (again) YouTube DO NOT WANT pr0n - i DO WANT!
4. Homophobia and "hypocrasy" is not allowed. Except for me!
5. Any flexer who copies and improves on my posts will be banished from Stritcly forever and without discussion, despite the fact they gave me the content free in the first place.
6. I've been desperately trying to best FlexingLads for a whole year, but keep FAILING because i piss off all concerned, go into meltdown, delete my channels and blogs - then start all over again.
7. Most Stritcly clips are copies or compilations, a few are unique to Stritcly. I do'nt allow them to be embedded, and think that makes them "exclusive", because i do'nt understand teh interwebz.

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